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1.ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.: The Princess Who Spread Her Wings and the Friend Who Had a Duty1.00 USD
2.ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.: The Swirling Smoke of Rumors in the Castle1.00 USD
3.ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.: The Truth Emerges in the Night Mists1.00 USD
4.ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.: Where Pride and Train Tracks Lead1.00 USD
5.ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.: Where the Bird Flies1.00 USD
6.Accel World VS. Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition59.00 USD
7.Ace Attorney: Farewell, My Turnabout - 1st Trial1.00 USD
8.Ace Attorney: Farewell, My Turnabout - 2nd Trial1.00 USD
9.Ace Attorney: Farewell, My Turnabout - 3rd Trial1.00 USD
10.Ace Attorney: Farewell, My Turnabout - Last Trial1.00 USD
11.Ace Attorney: Reunion and Turnabout - 1st Trial1.00 USD
12.Ace Attorney: Reunion and Turnabout - 2nd Trial1.00 USD
13.Ace Attorney: Reunion and Turnabout - 3rd Trial1.00 USD
14.Ace Attorney: Reunion and Turnabout - Last Trial1.00 USD
15.Ace Attorney: The First Turnabout1.00 USD
16.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Big Top - 1st Trial1.00 USD
17.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Big Top - 2nd Trial1.00 USD
18.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Big Top - Last Trial1.00 USD
19.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes - 1st Trial1.00 USD
20.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes - 2nd Trial1.00 USD
21.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes - 3rd Trial1.00 USD
22.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes - 4th Trial1.00 USD
23.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Goodbyes - Last Trial1.00 USD
24.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Promise1.00 USD
25.Ace Attorney: Turnabout Samurai - 1st Trial1.00 USD