Yatagarasu Complete Set

The complete collection of all seven Yatagarasu releases distributed at Comic Market events, from the very first release in December 2008 to version 4.3.

Version 1.0 (December 2008)
Version 2.0 (July 2009)
Version 3.0 (December 2009)
Version 4.0 (July 2011)
Version 4.1 (December 2011)
Version 4.2 (August 2012)
Version 4.3 (December 2012)

Includes version notes from Shiza from the Yatagarasu development team.

*** Please Note ***
These original games are presented in their original Japanese only language format and in-game Japanese text may display correctly unless the display mode for non-UNICODE text is set to 'Japanese'. See the below link for details of how to do this:


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